LoRa liquid dispenser KIT EU 868 + 1y subscription

140,00  +km%

LoRa liquid dispenser KIT EU contains of ibiot sensor and pairable liquid dispenser. You have to insert to dispenser battery compartment 3 batteries and 1 sensor. You can connect dispenser with ibiot dashboard or Your own dashoard using API connection at Includes 1 year subscription. Working on EU 868 frequency.


10 laos

Inserting LoRa sensor and batteries into dispenser compartment you get connected dispenser. It’s touch free dispenser supplied with C (LR14) batteries. Just ensure LoRaWan coverage, change one of the batteries from unconnected device battery compartment with ibiot C-sensor LoRa and you are connected. Smooth integrating at Suitable for pairable devices like C battery powered liquid, napkins and paper dispensers. You can set up remotely different alarms for events and battery, change reporting (wake-up) cycle.

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Kaal 1,1 kg
Mõõtmed 31 × 22 × 14 cm
Frequency plan

EU 868, US 915