ibiot C-sensor LoRa EU 868 + 1y subsciption

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ibiot C-sensor LoRa is for collecting and digitalizing unconnected device signals, sending them to cloud via LoRaWAN™. Includes 1 year subscription. For your software integration easy-to-generate API key at


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ibiot C-sensor LoRa EU 868 is standard battery C (LR14) sized smart sensor. Does not need any additional space as it fits to device battery compartment. Just ensure LoRaWan coverage, change one of the batteries from unconnected device battery compartment with ibiot C-sensor LoRa and you are connected. Smooth integrating at Suitable for pairable devices like C battery powered liquid, napkins and paper dispensers. You can set up remotely different alarms for events and battery, change reporting (wake-up) cycle. Working on EU 868 frequency.

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Mõõtmed 11 × 7 × 5 cm
Frequency plan

EU 868, US 915